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Fundraising through Travel

It’s a vacation that benefits everyone , plus a unique fundraising opportunity for Non-Profit Organizations. A cruise vacation is the perfect getaway for vacationers of every age and interest. You’ll have the time of your lives, while supporting your favorite charity. What a combination! While aboard, guests enjoy superb meals, Vegas-style entertainment, a friendly casino, exciting activities and fascinating destinations.


How does it work?

Most cruise lines have a fundraising program where they donate based on the number of travelers and the length of the cruise. For example, the cost of your 7 day cruise is $577 for a Category 4E inside cabin. The charity marks up the cost of the cruise by $65 (this is your participant’s donation). You then promote the cruise to your group at a cost of $642. The cruise line Carnival will match up to $35 per guest on a 7 day cruise for a combined $100 contribution ($65 from the markup and $35 from the cruise line). That’s $100 per guest, or $200 per cabin! 

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